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Idea a třetí muž - Sv. 10

Anthology to a "third man" in Plato's dialogues consists of:

H. Wagner, Platos Phaedo und der Beginn der Metaphysik als Wissenschaft
F. C. White, The Phaedo and Republic V on Essences
R. E. Allen, Participation and Predication in Plato's Middle Dialogues
J. M. E. Moravcsik, The Third Man Argument and Plato's Theory of Forms
G. Vlastos, ANote on Pauline Predications in Plato
F. Regen, Formlose Formen
Edited by Petr Rezek, translated by Jiří Chotaš, Petr Kolev, Štěpán Kosík, Václav Němec, Pavel Toman and Veronika Zděnková.
Paperback, Published 1993, 104 pages, ISBN 80-85241-38-2.

pages: 104
bindings: paperbeack
book size: 130x202
publication year: 1993

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ISBN: 80-85241-38-2

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